CBD oils – Shipped Nationwide:

Credit: Rhonda Mueller. https://wpa4a.org/

Realm of Caring/CW (will ship to all 50 states)
• Website: www.cwcalifornia.com
• Free Consultaions: www.cwcalifornia.com/consultation
• Telephone #: 818-696-0166
• Email: ray@cwcalifornia.com
• Price: $0.05/mg if you purchase the large 100 ml bottles. $0.10/mg if you purchase the smaller 30 ml bottles
• Notes: These oils have worked well for many in the group. Please purchase one of the following: CW Advanced (either olive oil or mct oil), CW Everyday Plus (MCT oil) or CW Everyday (MCT oil). CW Everyday/Everyday Plus (olive oil) are extracted via CO2 and may not offer as many medicinal benefits.

Flower Child CBD
• Website: www.flowerchildcbd.com
• Telephone #: 541-301-1061
• Price: $0.116/mg
• Notes: Recommended by Nurse Janna

Haleigh’s Hope
• Website: https://haleighshope.com
• Products: https://haleighshope.com/products/
• Telephone #: (720) 212-6255

• Website: https://www.premierextracts.com
• Telephone #: None listed
• Price: $0.079/mg
• Notes: The 1800 is recommended. The 3600 has isolate added to it to increase potency and not sure that is worth the extra cost.
• Website: https://recptranaturals.com/
• Telephone #: 303-223-1663
• Price: $0.067/mg
BlueBird Botanical
• Website: www.bluebirdbotanicals.com
• Telephone #: 720-726-5132
• Price: $0.073/mg for the 1500 mg bottle
• Notes: Please consider purchasing the Hemp Classic 6X. The signature 6X contains added essential oils which may alter the effects.