Annosoft is a trusted provider of high quality automatic lipsync products for games, multimedia, and video production. Founded in 2002 and located in Richardson, Texas USA, Annosoft is a stable, profitable, operation with a singular focus on delivering high quality speech products. Annosoft has customers around the world including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We value every customer and work to provide the highest quality customer support of any software company.



Mark Zartler – Head Honcho

Mark has 20 years experience developing commercial software. His skillset is in speech, language processing, and animation. He has been involved with audio programming and DSP since college days and speech processing since 1997. He wrote all of Annosoft’s code, and stands behind its quality. He enjoys working with people and solving problems. After college, he started his career at Macromedia and switched to games in 1995, where he primarily worked on tools.