Lightwave 3D® support

Annosoft is pleased to announce the Lightwave 3D® export option for Lipsync Tool 4.0.

This release brings the accuracy and reliability of Annosoft’s automatic lipsync to Lightwave 3D® users. “This is part of our effort to support more platforms and provide flexibility to artists.” Bryan Pritchard, CCO of Annosoft said.

Usage is simple and workflow does not change in the Lipsync Tool. The tool can be used

to fully automate the lipsync process, but also provides a vary convenient way to adjust lipsync with the need to edit curves. The exported file can then be brought into Lightwave 3D® using the Morph Mixer.

For a free evaluation, please contact

For customers with 10 audio files, or 10000 audio files, Annosoft lipsync technology is up to the task, providing a high level of realism without manual editing.