Lipsync Tool

Really Automatic Lip Sync!

See for yourself that Annosoft is the best automatic lipsync in the world!

The Lipsync Tool is our desktop application providing powerful automatic lipsync synchronization and timeline editing capabilities. The Lipsync Tool integrates with Max, Maya, and is a perfect choice custom pipelines.

Avoid manual editing with proven technology and save time.

Some lipsync programs claim to have great automatic lipsync technology, until you actually test it with your audio. Results are often unreliable, sometimes good, sometimes ok, sometimes terrible. The Lipsync Tool is different with consistent high quality results. It reliably handles all kinds of speakers, languages, and audio quality.

Our customers say it’s “Really Great” because it saves them a lot of time without a comprimise in quality.

Screenshot: click here

Selected Benefits

  • Truly automatic Lip Sync on very long or very short files
  • Language Independent automatic lipsync
  • Rig-Flexible integration with 3DS Max 6 and up
  • Rig-Flexible integration with Maya version 7 and up
  • Easy to read file format for custom pipeline
  • Timeline for visual editing and cleanup
  • workflow oriented editing features

Export formats:

  • It exports a simple text format readable from most scripting languages.
  • 3ds max script for creating animations in max from lipsync tool files
  • MAYA .mov files, melscript (Lipscript) importer
  • .swf, .as : Macromedia Flash Files

Import Formats

  • .wav, .ogg, .aiff
  • .X, .obj, .bmp

The full version of the Lipsync Tool is available for 500 USD per seat. A 30-day trial with export|save features enabled is available upon request. If you need to check out languages other than english, please contact annosoft for a save enabled trial version.

Download Instructions

If you have WinZip you are ready. The zip file contains one file lipsyncdemo.exe. This is the executable for the demo. There is no installer for the program and it has no dependencies on DLLs. download, unzip anywhere, and run.

This is “save disabled” but otherwise fully functional. It’s a great demonstration of the quality and power of the lipsync technology.

Lipsync Tool Download