Microphone SDK

This SDK produces timed mouth positions for use in real time environments such as 3d games. It is designed for easy integration into C++ game engines and can operate on as little as 30 milliseconds of data, so there is no up-front hit, and its performance can be extremely good and is highly tunable.

The Realtime SDK is designed to be fast and accurate and offers a choice of models that allow for a tradeoff between speed and accuracy.

The performance of the real time SDK totally adjustable, and can meet the tightest of performance requirements.

Demo SDKs available upon request.

To request an evaluation go to the demo page.

Platforms: Win32, MacOS, XBox 360

About the SDKs

Annosoft licenses multimedia speech SDKs. Written in C++ and assembly language, the SDKs are painless to integrate into any C++ application or platform. Additionally, a scriptable ActiveX Control is available for use in Visual Basic or other Microsoft technologies.

Annosoft SDKs are extremely flexible because speech models are not hard-coded into the SDKs. This allows our clients to choose from various “stock” speech models that are the best fit for their application. Our stock models give our clients the ability to tune their application (at any time) for 1) recognition speed. 2) recognition accuracy. 3) application footprint. Also, custom speech models can be trained based on the audio characteristics and speaker, producing an optimal model in terms of speed and accuracy.