MIT Personal Robots use Annosoft Lipsync!

Named #17 on the TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of 2008, Nexi is a small mobile humanoid robot that possess a novel combination of mobility, moderate dexterity, and human-centric communication and interaction abilities.

Annosoft has provided tools to MIT for the last few years to aid in the generation of more realistic mouth movements for Nexi, and their other Robots.  The new SDK license allows them to embed the Annosoft Lipsync on their Robot for realtime generation of mouth positions.

Historically, Annosoft has worked with many universities on many research projects. The projects vary, but the goals are similar – to improve the level of realism in human-computer interaction using speech technology. The list includes MIT, Ohio State University, the University of London, Texas A&M, and a others.

We are really pleased to see this level of adoption of Annosoft Lipsync for research purposes.