Annosoft licenses two types of products: SDKs for programmers and a desktop application for media developers and artists. Our desktop application is best in class in terms of lipsync capability and our programmer products offer high quality and easy integration.

Desktop Applications

Annosoft licenses the Lipsync Tool for 500 USD per seat. This price is all inclusive for target platform, including Unity playback scripts. Price includes 1 year of free upgrades, and excellent technical support. Click here for more information and to download a demo.

Programmer SDKs

Our license includes a year of support and upgrades. At the end of the year, you may renew the license for 1000 USD per year per SDK.

Cost is, however, only a part of our value. Annosoft offers:

Customer support from the engineer who wrote these technologies. Fast response with correct answers Quality and reliability Reasonable support/upgrade licenses

SDK License for In-House Use

We offer a deep discount for in-house use. This includes use in game production and internal multimedia production.

Textless Lipsync SDK 3000 USD
Text Based Lipsync SDK 3500 USD
Bundle – Both SDKs + ActiveX Control 5000 USD

Prices per game

SDK General Use Licenses

If you are building a software tool that will be distributed as part of a consumer software product or will run as part of a web application, a distributable license is required. These fees are annual fees.

Lipsync SDK 5500 USD
Microphone SDK 5000 USD
Text Based Lipsync SDK 8000 USD
Bundle – Lipsync SDK and Text Based Lipsync SDK 9500 USD
Bundle – All products 11000 USD

Please note that we do not license Lipsync SDKs for use in production tools or game engines that are distributed.

Educational and Government licensing

Governments and educational institutions require a different license. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss usage requirements.

*Prices subject to change without notice.