Lipsync Tool Download

Save-Disabled Version: No installation is required to quickly check out the quality of Annosoft’s lipsync. The download is available as a self-contained .exe. No setup program to uninstall.

Download it, open up your audio file, and run “textless” lipsync or text-based lipsync from the Lipsync menu.

It is “save disabled” but otherwise fully functional. It’s a great demonstration of the quality and power of the lipsync technology

When you are ready to test integration with 3DS Max, or Maya, you’ll need to contact us for a Save-Enabled version.

For features and benefits, please visit the Lipsync Tool information page.

Download Instructions

If you have WinZip you are ready. The zip file contains one file lipsyncdemo.exe. This is the executable for the demo. There is no installer for the program and it has no dependencies on DLLs. download, unzip anywhere, and run. Lipsync Tool Download

Lipsync Transfer Tools

Maya Lipsync Transfer Tools These mel scripts provide an easy way to setup your character in Maya and export the config files to the LipSync Tool. LipSync Data can also be easily imported creating a quick and seamless workflow. Download and run the installer. Download the Maya Tools : Current Version 3.0

Installation Instructions

Windows Users : Unzip the downloaded file to a permanent location on your hard drive. We recommend unzipping to the Annosoft directory located in Program Files (assuming the Lipsync Desktop Tools are installed). Once unzipped, simply run install_lipsynctools.bat and it will setup all the necessary information for all version of maya.

Mac Users : Unzip the downloaded file to any location. Once done simply copy the mel scripts located in the Lipsync Tools folder to your default maya scripts location and restart maya.